My Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a vision; a frustrated soul seeking more out of life than a comfortable home and a bank account.  She tried with all her might to make it into the big time corporate race.  But once she was absorbed into the web of this competitive system, devoting life to conference calls, business trips, and sales cycles, it was suddenly clear that this is not a natural or healthy way to be spending the bulk of each day, each week, each year.  Something snapped, and at last, after three years of diligent hard work and persistence she set off in search of a new kind of life:  the life of travel.

For the last three years, Lauren has been on the road, backpacking by train though Europe, living in the hustle and bustle of Madrid, exploring the precious Canary Islands, and all the while documenting each spectacular (or not so spectacular) moment through this ever morphing blog.  What started off as an adventure to see new places and meet new people, has now become a mission of discovery to find where she can make a positive impact and continue to explore the world. 

Follow her through the journey and enjoy a wide variety of travel anecdotes, informative insights, and life reflections as she moves from place to place, ever carving out a new path on this spectacular trip called life.  Also find a collection of published works under the "Published Work" tab.  Happy reading!


  1. Lauren-
    I just spent some time on your blog; it's great! Lanzarote is on my short list of places to go. Recently I went to El Hierro and had a great time and found plenty to write about.
    I like your observations and photos. Keep it up!
    When I come to your island, I might need some insider's perspective...

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