Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vicarious Adventures

It's been over three years since I embarked on my own epic adventure, uprooting from life as I knew it and changing my life by living abroad.  Now back to a more settled life, essentially moments away from pulling the trigger on a new career-oriented domestic commitment, I watch as my friends blast off one by one on their own big adventures in all different corners of the world.  Each destination represents a life voyage for these bold friends of mine.  It's been so incredible to watch as they contemplated, planned, and went for it, all beginning from an instinctive, yearning feeling.  I am so genuinely proud of each of you for not allowing the inevitable challenges deter you from your dreams.

One of you is on a physical challenge, out to face the forces of nature while becoming enlightened by a new way of living; another one of you is following your heart to be with your love on the other side of the world; some of you are off to educate and nurture the lives of people less fortune; and you two are itching a perpetual scratch to live among an entirely new culture together as a pair.  So I sit here, comfortable with my more "conventional" life in the States, and observe the journeys of you incredible seekers, out to face your deeper fears in order to follow a passionate quest, unique to each.  Good luck friends, and congratulations for taking the leap.  I wish it was possible to come visit each of you and share a piece of the experience.

I am learning that there is a time for living life in a mode of discomfort, yet constant excitement, and a time for nesting and learning other life lessons in a different way.  When I sat on my favorite beach in the Canaries at the end of my long sabbatical from convention, I knew it was time to close that chapter.  Another chapter with stories of international adventures and self discovery will open again for me, but for now I will humbly accept that this is not my time.  It is your time though, so when I am dying for that lifestyle and feeling once again, I will rely on living vicariously through you.

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