Monday, November 12, 2012

The Adventure Isn't Over

I am guilty of blog neglect now that my adventure has apparently concluded.  But this morning, after reading over a friend of mine's new blog, I feel re-inspired to return to my documentation and reflection of life as I live it.  She is heading out to New Zealand on a one way ticket after spending a short two and a half months here in Denver, trying to sort out life after corporate.

As I browsed her past posts, I stumbled upon an entry she had written back in August about an epic climb to the top of Mt. Bierstadt we completed triumphantly.  The hike was incredible and a notable achievement that once upon a time I would have eagerly reflected on in Linzer's Adventure.  It was an important reminder that just because I'm not galavanting around a foreign country, life is still exciting, inspiring, and full of adventure.  So I make the hesitant commitment now to be more diligent with my writing inorder to record brilliant moments, introspective insite, and breath taking images from this new perspective.

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