Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Trifecta

As life in Denver begins to set in, a deep connection with my previous existence abroad begins to taper off.  I can’t tell if this is a natural process I should accept or if I should be grasping desperately to some remnants of a life that once was.  It's only been a matter of months since returning to the "American life", departing from Lanzarote a mere six months ago.  I can still recall the feeling of being surround by Spanish culture, driving that blue van, living the island dream.  And beyond that, I recall the constant state of being a temporary installment, a mysterious foreigner, wondrously absorbing the unfamiliar nuances of being in a different country. 

But as I contemplate and reminisce about a significantly different reality I was previously living, I have to stop myself in the daydream and acknowledge what the process has ultimately culminated to become.  In this very moment I sit two miles high, gazing upon the bare ski runs of Vail’s slopes, a short drive from my Denver home.  And what waits for me in the city are the very things I’ve been striving for and dreaming of throughout my journey, what I coined as “Linzer’s Adventure”. 

This blog began as a collection of thoughts, discoveries, and observations about life as my perspective shifted, rapidly altered my perception of the world.  I moved about from one new destination to another, experiencing a brand new world, and instantaneously opening my eyes to how different life could be.  The two and a half year journey fundamentally changed a part of me, while simultaneously helping me reconnect with who I am at my core.  Being in Madrid and on the islands, backpacking through a myriad of incredible European cities, and connecting with marvelous individuals from all around the world are experiences in which I will forever cherish.  But when I step back to reflect on the overall mission of the adventure, I see that the ultimate objective was to step away from an all too familiar world; to peel back the heavy layers of a ubiquitous way of life and attempt to discover true fulfillment.  I needed to know what direction to point my arrow in order to feed a passion that restlessly stirred beneath the surface. 

This mission was an experiment with no blueprint to follow.  And, miraculously, it worked.  All the agonizing over which lifestyle to adopt, what career could possibly fulfill me, which destination I could feasibly call home, how I would make a powerful mark on the world; it at last has begun to take shape.  OneSeed Expeditions, Denver, CO, and a slew of like-minded people seemed to float into my life like a strategically placed combo at the hand of a force much bigger than me.  And what accompanied my move and a start to a new career was a breadth of possibilities, a home amongst one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, and (arguably the most important) a companion in which I have always searched for and knew would one day find me. 

So while I miss the time spent exploring European cities and dipping into Spanish culture, I know this is exactly where I need to be right now.  Denver may not be a permanent home and there are still many adventures far and wide to come, but this is undoubtedly exactly where I am meant to be.  If it hadn’t been for all the wandering and searching, I may never have found this perfect trifecta of a home, career, and love.