Monday, July 2, 2012

Unlocking Life's Mysterious Puzzle

For the last month I've been on a mission to find employment, a new home, and a lifestyle that suits me here in the United States.  But what I've discovered as the puzzle begins to at last come together, is that this month long search is merely the culmination of a life long pursuit up to this point in unlocking how my own personal greatness will be manifested.

Each of us has a personal greatness; a potential "sweet spot" that consists of the perfect marriage of our passion, values, and interests, and our skills, experience, and ideal occupation.  Some of us are born with the knowing of what our calling is, while others, like myself, have to dig deep within to uncover that essential match.  I believe that many people trudge along in their day to day life doing something that is just close enough to the mark that they are satisfied, performing life's duties and adapting to the situation they find themselves in.  There is no harm in this, but one never gets the opportunity to realize their own great contribution potential.

This mission of finding that match, or what I like to call that "sweet spot", is one that has become dormant during particular phases of my life, and then reared it's head in strange syncronistic moments and powerfully vivid dreams.  For me, after this current stretch of time as I proceed with my head down to focus on job applications and research, I was gifted with a blatant reminder to continue hunting while remaining aware of the bigger picture.  I've become swallowed by the sea of options that lay before me and the multitude of life altering decisions.  But this weekend, as I took a moment of rest and stepped away from all of the planning and analyzing in order to still my mind and recall the purpose of all of this, it all became clear once again.  It popped up in a lucid dream, and that dream stirred the pot once again, encouraging me to keep plugging away at finding the next step in the right direction.

The are giant question marks still hovering over head: Where will I go? What will I be doing?  With who?  When will it all begin?  How will I make it happen?  But what I do know is that it is all coming together as long as I remain patient and steadfast, following the natural course of life and not settling out of desperation, frustration, or resignation.  Everything happens for a reason and as I look back on the past five years, reflecting on how it is all leading me to my personal greatness, it all still fits into the puzzle so perfectly.  The hard work put into the IBM experience, followed by a reflective time abroad, peppered with these stalled moments in limbo have all be equally essential to finding this purpose, this calling, this greatness.

Even as I sit with no job to speak of in a temporary home, there is an exciting energy and deep reassurance that I'm on the right track.  Life has a peculiar way of working out if you trust and listen to the inner voice that is sometimes whispering and other times shouting what it is you are supposed to do.

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