Sunday, April 8, 2012

Turning the Page

Today I noticed that my suitcase has managed to collect a thin layer of dust.  How proud I am that I've managed to remain stationary for over a month, with an artificial sensation that I am home.  Yet the reason I made this trivial observation was because I happened to be fetching my passport from the outer pocket in order to book the next round of flights.  Soon the sixty days allocated to living in Lanzarote will come to a close, and I'll be up above the clouds again, en route to the next batch of destinations, spending the remainder of Spring bouncing from one place to the next, before ultimately landing in a yet to be determined "home".

The days have raced by, as they tend to do when each moment is relentlessly action packed.  Now, as the holiday weekend comes to a close and I recover from several days of over stimulation and socialization, it has dawned on me that this experience is winding down to a close just as rapidly as it began.  With less than three weeks remaining on this island (a chunk of that time being reserved for visiting friends in the upcoming weekends), the hard reality is sinking in that a copious amount of goodbyes await me in the near future, along with a plethora of staggering life changes that will inevitably shake my foundation yet again.  This is the life of perpetual travel.

Another stark observation I made today is that it is Easter Sunday, a day reserved for togetherness, family, rest, and reflection.  Instead of being in Raleigh with my own kin, I am several thousand miles away, purchasing more flights for solo adventures.  It has been a looming awareness for some time now, but the lure of international galavanting and exploration has up until this point, trumped the comfort of settlement- until now.  As these months pass, even as I live out another span of enthralling days, I have been gradually grasping that the time has come to end this chapter.  This chapter that is full of tales of new places, people, and experiences has reached a beautiful peak, but I am prepared to step into a completely different undertaking.

The other day I noticed that when I return back to the US in May, I will have spent exactly the same amount of time out of my past career as I spent in it; just shy of two and a half years for each.  On the same token, like my peers from the class of 07', I am approaching the five year anniversary of graduating university and beginning my professional life.  What a perfectly suitable time to embark on something brilliantly fresh. What an opportunity to collect all that I have gained from the journey thus far and apply it toward something bigger than myself, as I turn the page to the next chapter.

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  1. Hola Lauren: your blogs is incredible. Mine is not so good:
    In the blog you will see my phone and email, in case you want to contact before you leave. Good luck.