Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Natural Beauty

Cruising down the zigzagging motorway from my tiny village of Tao to the western edge of Lanzarote for my usual biweekly yoga class, I at last allowed my hectic stream of thought melt away out of my consciousness.  As I wound my way down the LZ-401, I casually peered up into the distance, as I always do on this stretch of road.  But this time my eyes were captivated.  The late spring sunshine was feeding the sky with one last pop of brightness and as I gazed to the expansive distance, over the blank desert and tiny pueblos sprinkled about the sporadic rolling hills, I could see so perfectly the monumental Famara cliffs, towering over the town for which I was heading, and the quiet neighboring island of La Graciosa.  I make this same drive on several occasions each week, but there was something uniquely stunning that kept my eyes unyieldingly locked on the view. 

The sun appeared to be grabbing every individual crevice of the craggy precipice.  The jagged edges of the rock face with its intricate abrasive contours gently softened into a smooth rolling valley as it crept away from the islands edge, sneaking inland.  The ridges along the fa├žade looked as though they were giant reaching fingers, outstretched to the earth’s floor, as the sun created shadows between each bend.  I watched the clouds slowly move above the sharp crown, kissing its curves to create that iconic image for which this landmark is known; the dramatic slope sliced out of the lid, rising to the heavens once more before tapering off into the ocean.  The scene presented the illusion that the entire planet was chiseled out of this one piece of remaining stone.  

As I entered my destination I pondered how a rock could have so much inspirational power. How could this colossal stone barricade create a profound emotional response, keeping me captured by its beauty and positively entranced?  But as I drove here quietly with not a sound but the idle rumble of my engine, eyes fixed on this incredible vista, I was connecting deeply with something simple yet profound.

I took one final glance at the now proximal vista until finally entering into my place of temporary sanction, the old community center of Famara, to partake in a fulfilling hour and a half of meditation and yoga.  After the time was completed, this particular session being an even more tranquil and centering experience than usual, I stepped out into the parking lot with a grin of contentment, slowly floating to my vehicle, deeply exhaling the last breaths of my previously busy day, now transformed into a mellow timeless existence.  As I began to depart, I recalled my tremendous drive down into town and took note of the now rapidly fading daylight, transforming into a clear starry night.

With my prized Famara cliffs still holding their bold pose in the night sky to the north, I turned my gaze to the south where a hint of sunlight was still peaking through the dark shadows of the rolling volcanic hills.  Only black outlines remained of the colorful mars-like mountain ridges.  It was now not the incredible presence of the rock formations that were being highlighted, but the breathtaking colors of the southern sky.  Rich deep blues hovered over head, filled with puffy dark clouds, kissed with a luminous magenta hue, and tiny twinkling pinholes poked out of the mystifying darkness.  As I scanned the sky toward the horizon, as the atmosphere met the black rolling hilltops it subtly morphed into a delicate purple hint before sinking into a feminine pink and at last revealing a tiny shimmer of white sunlight on the cusp of disappearing beyond the horizon line. 

I was once again captivated by the sheer natural magnificence that could never possibly be matched by any man made attempt.  This inconceivable view that I was resting my eyes upon took a hold of me, like a feeling of falling deeply in love all at once.  Never in my life have I felt so clear and pure, so naturally and fantastically centered.  This perfect melody of life in this one poignant moment stirred an emotional frenzy within me as I simultaneously came to the stark realization that this will need to be branded into my memory because my time here on this island is rapidly drawing to a close.  But I feel an incredible gratitude and there is no imaginable way to predict what it will feel like to be peeled away from such a peaceful existence and thrusted back into a concrete jungle filled with cars and people, noises and lights. At least I have time moment, this simply perfect moment, to look back on and deeply appreciate.  Thank you Famara cliffs and setting sun and peaceful Lanzarote.  Thank you for being so naturally and purely exquisite.

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  1. WOW that is sooooooooooo good, such a true and accurate description of somewhere which has a VERY special place in my heart as it was also my view every day for 3 & a half years. There is a certain magnetism which draws people back time and time again so for me Lanzarote should be re-named as the magic island.