Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Far From Comfortable

Today would be a good day for comfort... Here I am new at everything, from the various unfamiliar work tools I'm interacting with all morning, to the exotic location I live in, the change in language, introduction to activities I've adopted like yoga and painting, driving that giant stick shift clunker around these insanely different roads to towns I've never heard of... Yes, it's starting to grind on me that things are no longer comfy. The internet is shotty, I am using a shared hostel-like kitchen for every meal, and each day is my own responsibility to fill time with adventures. Don't get me wrong, I'm not regretting this experience in the least bit, it's just that once and a while, no matter how much you embrace and crave change and growth, there are moments where being cuddled up on the couch watching a movie and eating junk food sounds pretty damn good. I'm far from a television or fast food joint or even a couch, so that won't be happening any time soon. It's up to me to find new comfort in simple pleasures once again. I've never been so enthusiastic about reading a book, cooking a meal, or watching the stars. Now it's my entertainment for the evening when I'm too tired to conger up a day trip or work on a project. This experience here has taught me to readjust, let go of convenience and simplicity, and become resourceful and flexible once again, just as I was when I was hopping from train to train and living in various bunk-beds throughout Europe. This is a different kind of challenge, a new way of living. There's no way I'm doing this and staying in this tiny, tiny village for longer than my allotted month, but I am just now realizing, beginning to conceptualize, how this move was not trivial and is far from a vacation. While being cozy is what's on my mind today, that feeling will pass and I'll remember how the excitement and wonder always seems to trump comfort in the end.

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