Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Count Down Continues: Two Weeks

A lounge in Retiro with guitar music playing,
Tapas and vino, till morning we’re staying.
Eating and laughing and living like kings,
These are a few of my favorite Spain things!        

Gooo, all I can think about is my return to Espana.  I should probably be experiencing increased level of stress as there are only two more weeks till I hit the sky and sail far from here.  But, no, all I can seem to think about are all the things I love so dearly about Spain and get so eager to be there that it distracts me from my daily routine.  Last night I made a spread of Spanish cuisine for my mom and I and we ate in the true Spanish form, with our hands and in no particular order.  We just laughed and talked and enjoyed our cheese and bread and olives and tortilla.  I'm beginning to think in the Spanish language again as I reconnect with all those lovelies I sad adios to a long five months ago.  I'm forcing myself to think practically about the move, remember that I have no home there and that packing will inevitably be a chore.  But I still can't get over how moving to another country has become so common place to me that I'm completely blase about the whole ordeal. The anticipation is part of the fun, I suppose, but I'm really just ready for this short time to pass and for me to be sitting on a plane to return to a life that feels much more real.  Change has become so normal that moving from place to place is practically a comfort zone for me and I look forward to reconnecting with this unusually normal lifestyle.                                                                                                        

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  1. Lauren, I just have to say I am so proud of you and inspired that you took the leap into a life that fits your dreams! Back in the days at IBM (distant memory!) I remember thinking, wow I don't know if I could just up and leave the corporate 'safety net' and see what happens, but you did it girl! So kudos to living your dream and keep blogging I love watching the story unfold! Cheers, and safe travels back home! Becky