Thursday, February 2, 2012

As All the Pieces Come Together...

Today has been a day full of amazing coincidences and inspiring conversations.  The more I go through life following what feels right, the more signs are showing themselves to further prove to me that I'm taking the right steps.  It's absolutely incredible how one email with a clever "Sound of Music" reference can spark a whirl wind of plans, all inevitably shaping into a perfectly fitting puzzle that I've been mulling over for years.

My purpose to return to Spain has been hazy up to this point, as I simply sit on the faith that something will grab me and give foothold to get to the next step.  The last thing I expected is for that something to appear so clearly and obviously.  But before my eyes, a chain reaction of coincidental messages flashed across my computer screen, screaming at me to pay attention.  Just yesterday I wrote a silly posting making reference to a famous song from The Sound of Music.  Not 24 hours later, an email pops into my inbox, also referencing that classic film and I felt compelled to investigate.  The hills are alive with the sound of...Colorado?  Again?  This location has been at the top of my list as a next American home, and before my eyes the perfect opportunity was staring at me right in the face, in sunny Keystone, CO.  A conference for travel writers, in the Rockies, this summer, the time on my radar to make a move.  A perfect chance to meet other people that share my passion for traveling and writing about it, face to face at last, and maybe even be afforded a chance to work for one of the travel companies I've always felt were so far out of reach.  This challenging career that I've been chomping at the bits to get into is now knocking on my door and handing me an invitation in the one place in the world I've repeatedly considered moving.

Suddenly, like a row of dominoes falling, my sketchy plans began to set into place; a perfectly fitting timeline leading me from Spain to Colorado and ready to grab my future career by the horns, embracing this rare chance to make my dream a reality.  More coincidences, like the oh-so-convenient end of my legal visa perfectly aligning with the final days of off-season prices for flights (to the day), and my discovery of an incredible program to live temporarily, for free, in impressive destinations in Spain, in exchange for minimal house work, have me doubtless about this destine path.  No more monotonous tutoring lessons or hunting for expensive housing in bustling Madrid; no more sitting around, anxiously awaiting some kind of unknown big break; no more being clueless and directionless about the future.  Finally, I can feel just how perfectly right this is and in this moment, all I want to do is board that plane to Spain and embark on an incredible three months before digging my heals in and relentlessly chasing my dream to travel and share my words with the world.  

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