Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Weeks To Spain

Yesterday morning, bright and early, before the first bird sang it's song, I was lying awake in the darkness, mind racing so much I could barely remember to breath.  How could I not have recognized the time creeping up?  Yesterday began the three week count down of moving back to Spain.  It was as if my subconscious was set to remind me like a preset alarm clock.  Thoughts swirled of all the things I'm yet to do, questions about where I will live, what I will do for money, things I need to take with me...  The thoughts multiplied exponentially, making up for the time I have gone being oblivious and living as if I would not be returning. 

Once I got out of my head and began to make a plan, a different type of sensation began to set in; one of exhilaration rather than anxiety, excitement replacing fear.  This is a place I love and was saddened to leave, and in just a few short weeks I'll once again be immersed in the country that I fell in love with.  I'll be able to taste all the spices of life, feel the warmth radiating off the Spanish people; I'll sing the song of the Spanish language once again and readjust to the beautiful marriage of hustle-bustle and leisure. 

As I took a moment to reflect on my time in Madrid, Gran Canaria, and the various cities I visited, I found myself sinking into a blissful mood with an involuntary grin stretching across my face.  Thinking too much about what lies ahead introduces a nervous feeling, springing me into action of preparation. But by stopping to simply feel the joy that this life in Spain brings me, there is an ease so powerful that it muffles out my over active mind and reminds me of all there is to get excited about.  Now I can barely wait to get back and press play on the life I paused, what seems like a lifetime ago.  

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