Friday, January 6, 2012

Stranger in My Own Home

What is this strange new world I find myself in?  It seems remarkably familiar with family all right here, in the dwelling in which I was raised.  I drive myself to a job everyday and see common faces.  Everyone is speaking my language and I get all the jokes… But I feel like a stranger, a foreign visitor now, to a place I once identified as home, my only home, for years and years.  The people around me act as though I never left and I’m not leaving, but the truth is, in a little over a month I’ll be sailing over the Atlantic yet again, for round three of the European experience.  With all the back and forth, from changeless Raleigh to exotic Spain, my head is one step shy of spinning off, so it’s best to just let each day pass as its own experience and not project too much into the future.  I got ahead of myself yesterday as plans began to materialize for big trips in Spain.  After all, this is very much how we lived our lives last year, not letting one month go by without boarding an airplane, bus, or train, to attend a festival or marvel at a new city.  But from this cozy spot in North Carolina, where many of my colleagues and friends are without passports, it’s hard to imagine gallivanting around the world, as natural as that does feel to me.  Good thing my pen keeps moving and I have a platform to express the wonders Spain to the world, even if I’m not within the country’s boarders at the moment.  In just a few days I’ll be having my own mini adventure to Denver, CO, to be with my adventure soul mate that understands the love of the road and can rejuvenate my spirit just in time to return to Madrid for another go at life abroad.

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