Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Discoveries Beyond Travel

How can a travel blog continue on when traveling has temporarily ceased?  While I wish I could say I've been dazzled by the secret wonders of Raleigh, North Carolina, rediscovering the beauty of the city in which I was raised, I do not have this feeling in the slightest.  Begrudgingly, I've plugged myself back into the service industry, filling my hours with restaurant work day and night, because let's face it, money is a necessary evil.  In the mean time I've been trying to embrace the free time I am allotted to take the focus away from the external world and become more inwardly "present".  What I am beginning to very slowly understand is that life can be quite beautiful regardless of the life situation (that is the location, job, social life, etc.).  With the help of some insightful reading and occasional mind expanding chats, I've been able to be more inwardly focused and see each moment for what it is, embracing the tiny pleasures of living in the "now".  It was much easier to find myself in this state of mind as I explored new lands and absorbed myself into Spanish culture; but even now, as I take a short, midday break from serving tables and sit in this nearby cafe, I feel that same reminiscent feeling of tranquility and peace of mind.  Sometimes when I reminisce on the past or look on to the future, I begin to feel deprived and a sensation of being in a suburban prison weighs down on me.  Therefore, keeping my mind steady and realizing that this inner calm and happiness is always accessible is absolutely essential.  I'll be back on the on the road soon enough, but in the mean time I'm pleasantly surprised with all that I've learned from this limbo period.  I won't discount my passion for travel, but being sucked out of that dream and into a very different reality has it's own awakening benefits that are revealing themselves in the strangest ways...

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