Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Madrid is It

After tough deliberation and an endless stream of thought on the subject, I've decided that I will stick to my initial plan and head for my home away from home, Madrid.  Agonizing over the choice of where to settle routes for the upcoming year has forced me to get back to the real truth of why I wanted to be Spain, Europe, abroad in the first place.  For so long I've wished that something would light me up inside like so many people seem to when it comes to their passions.  After trying out many different things, I've discovered that travel is absolutely it.  Travel and experiencing people, places, and tradition wildly different from what I am used to makes me feel absolutely alive.  So I will return to the road, as much as finding a comfortable spot in America among loved ones is tempting.  There will be a time for that, but right now I must continue on this Spanish adventure.  And with that piece decided on, the option of where in Spain was to follow.  I have made Madrid a home and even with it's lack of a beach and sometimes unpleasant weather and crowds, I absolutely love that city and what it has done for me.  It has such a massive amount of Spanish tradition perfectly blended with a revived new age life style that I adore.  Merely strolling through my favorite barrios, setting up shop for a long chat in a quaint cafe, or hitting the streets for an exciting late night that Madrid is famous for makes me so pumped I want to hop a plane right now and get back there. 

We all face decisions that will in some way shape the course of our lives, and in retrospect, this choice was not too hefty in the grand cosmic scheme of things.  This is just one of those times that I needed to follow my heart, my passion, and stop letting the "what if" factor stand in my way.  I hope it doesn't mean the end to a relationship or stifle my future in any way, but I've just got to let the universe guide me and have faith that these strong instincts are leading me down a road that will satisfy my passions and bring me happiness.

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