Monday, August 8, 2011

La Playa

There´s really nothing like the sound of the gently rolling waves at high tide in the late night, when the tourists have all moved on and you are left alone with the placid sea and the moon glowing in the distance.  Yesterday, after feeling more antcy then usual, I decided to escape the walls of my apartment and go for a quiet dinner and late night stroll solo.  I rarely get the opportunity anymore to take in experiences alone and set time aside for quiet reflection.  I had forgetten how much I love it and need it from time to time.  After a tall glass of red wine, a peaceful stroll along the shoreline, with my feet dancing in the warm clear Atlantic, was a perfect compliment.  I took a seat in the soft sand and simply watched the water rolling over the rocks and glisening in the distance, thinking, how can anyone that lives in a place like this not feel a certain undefinable connection to the sea and the nature around them.  I guess it´s easy to forget such beauty is a stone´s through away when the heavy weight of life´s responsibilities and distractions are baring down.  But for me, this is likely the most freedom and down time I will ever get to have, so making a conscious effort to soak in as much as I can is not too difficult.

I´ve never considered myself a ¨beach person¨ persay, but after spending just a short two weeks living a short walk away, I can now see exactly why people that have always lived by the ocean have something uniquely more relaxed about them.  Something about the ocean´s presence is like a reminder of what is important and real.  Some how just taking a few beats to silently stare out into the distant sea at least temporarily dissolves my racing thoughts and various daily concerns.  It´s like instant thearapy for the soul.  After only a short time of calling this paradise home, I feel like I absolutely must live somewhere with the ocean nearby when it´s time to settle into a place.  This island is incredible.  It´s no wonder why the people here seem to have an extra warmth to them and a ¨don´t worry, be happy¨attidude.

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