Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hasta Luego, Gran Canaria

It's hard to believe how quickly this month has gone by.  I have always been sentimental and nostaligic, so clearly a month of paradise with my boyfriend and heaps of new incredible friends and experiences is bound to make me alittle emotional.  In one month I've grown massively attached to all of it, from the people to the days spent lounging by the sea... I feel so lucky it's ridiculous but yet all these new people I've grown close to see this as absolutely normal living.  It makes me wonder, could I call a place like this home one day?  Not necessarily the Canary Islands, but some place tropical, relaxed, and overly friendly with close to perfect weather everyday incredible sights around every turn. 

I have to get back here sooner than later and somehow make this a more regular destination.  Now it is no longer some far off island, it is very much a part of me.  I never thought such a short time could stir me so much.  I feel like I'm leaving a place I've lived for ages.  I set up shop, with an apartment and roommates, a routine, familiar places to eat or have a coffee... and now it's back to feeling like a vacation.  It makes me so sad but so happy at the same time and is a big reminder why living this way can be hard but is so worth it.  Goodbyes never get easier, but that's why I have to see it as a see you later, rather than farewell.  Asi que, hasta luego Gran Canaria y gracias para todo.  Volvere aqui un otra vez, seguro. 

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