Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making way for summer

As the days of the school year wind down, my schedule has been widdled to merely one class a day, with next week being the final week for me. As June flies by, my mixed feelings of excitement and sadness are coming to a head. While I am absolutely thrilled to begin a summer of travels with friends from home and my bro, I can't help but feel a twinge of loss with the knowledge that this incredible whirlwind of a year is coming to a close. I'll return to this life once again next year, but it will take a much different form as only a small hand full of this incredible group of friends will be in Madrid once again.

I've kept myself plenty busy with goodness to distract from the reality of more changes to come. Next weekend I'll be having an early birthday celebration that will double as a grand goodbye party for all those folks heading out in June and July. Then the following weekend I'll revisit destination number two of my epic backpacking trip over a year ago and spend my actual birthday in an Amsterdam haze. Only days after I return from that trip, it's off to Barcelona for a weekend of good times before my brother arrives for two weeks of adventure. More friends from the states have chosen this time to visit as well so the entire month of July is going to be a whirl wind of travel. August will be my final month here and I plan to spend it with my special someone down in his home of the Canary Islands. In September its back to the good ole US of A to see my lovely people and tie up loose ends before returning back to my new home, here in Madrid, for another year that I can only imagine will be just as exciting and wondrous as this one has been.

Taking this path less traveled, departing from the comfort of a schedule and a planned future that is at least partially predictable, can be massively nerve racking, yet beautifully liberating. Looking ahead to my loose plan for the next six months, I sometimes wonder, is this actually a feasible way to live my life? What am I missing? But there's hardly time to think about that and when I look back on the time I've spend here thus far, I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Who knows what the future will hold and whether this path has some detrimental missteps that I am blind to right now. I'll take them as I come and in the mean time, keep planning based on these whims and what feels right for right now.

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