Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living in the Moment

Sometimes, when I'm caught up in my mind, having a less then pleasant day, I tend to get a little carried away and go on a bit of a rant.  That last entry was definitely a form of ventilation.  Today, with a much clearer head, feeling much more organized and productive, I must follow up by giving a little credit to enjoying the moment and dealing with upcoming challenges one step at a time.  Yes, people are leaving, things are changing, and I face new decisions ahead, but in reality, every person is just living from day to day, making the best of things and getting on with it.  There are amazing memories constantly occurring, near future things to look forward to, and even just the simple pleasures of day to day living there to remind all of us how short and sweet life is.  It's easy to make life into this grand production, everything being mapped out like an intricate plot line filled with a perfect balance of love, romance, and suspense.  But, as one of my dear friends here reminds me often, you never know what surprises will come along, for better or worse, so it's best to enjoy and appreciate each moment.  I have an especially hard time with this sometimes, but it's so true that living in the now is massively important.  I've written about it before in this very blog, yet I tend to forget it as life gets a little heavy.  Why sit here spending this time worrying when there is so little time left in this situation, with these friends, this lifestyle, this flat... The time to make decisions is ahead, but I will cross that bridge as it comes, as they say.  It’s a beautiful summer day in Madrid, so I think I’ll go enjoy it.  :)

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