Monday, May 23, 2011

It Keeps Going and Going and Going

The marathon continues as I can't seem to step away from the constant activity of this lively city.  Every day I fall more and more in love with the laid back Spanish culture valuing leisure and togetherness, countless bars and restaurants with their outdoor terraces and late hours, and the expansive parks cluttered with lounging people enjoying the warm Spain sunshine.  The energy lures me in as I join the masses for long afternoon pic-nics, giant botellons, and sleepless nights.  With the week long political demonstrations going on as well, this city is buzzing uncontrollably. It's absolutely incredible to witness so many passionate people fighting for their beliefs and simaltaneously making way for party.  I can't seem to get enough but I don't know how these people do it. Almost everyday this week I've been burning the midnight oil or watching the sunrise over plenty of constantly flowing wine and never ending fiesta.  When am I going to crash and why haven't I yet?  I feel like the Engergizer bunny. 

Aside from the influence of this country, there is a part of me feeling the pressure to be more structured and productive, a past voice telling me that is my inevitable responsibility as an adult to get serious and have a plan. But why deny this great feeling of happiness to satisfy a muttled inner voice? I feel divided, but making certain sacrifices is worth soaking in these great vibes and enjoying my time. Each day I live this way, collectively reflecting with my peers here following the beat to this other drum too, I become more secure with forfeiting certain luxuries in order to have a life of relaxed pleasure, at least for now. Sure, work is an inevitable necessity that I completely acknowledge and welcome, but that doesn't mean adopting another 50 hour a week schedule and burying myself in stressful tasks.

With all that said, I realize there is a time for work and a time for play. I am incredibly off balance right now, playing entirely too much like I'm in college again, but as the days wind down to summer and this experience comes to an end, or at least a dramatic transition, I can justify the scale being slightly tipped. Many of my close expat companions will be making their way back to the "real world" to commence in higher education, career pursuits, or another adventure. After June it is challenging for many to earn money and therefore makes it difficult to stay through the summer months, so our time together is rapidly coming to a close. We've committed to each other that for our last month or so together, the time is now to sacrifice sleep for fiesta and routine for spontaneity. Sure I'm feeling the effects and my body and wallet are not thrilled with me, but for the first time I don't feel guilty for the endless party and focus on fun. A time will come once again when work will be in the forefront, so for now I'll embrace. Another week is ahead of already scheduled gatherings and a cloudless weather forecast, so unless my body completely gives out on me, I will be right there to soak up every possible minute of it.

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