Thursday, May 12, 2011

Missing Special Moments

One tough part about living abroad is when significant moments occur that I can't be there for.  My little bro, Jason is graduating this weekend from uni, and even though some don't see this as a huge momentous occasion, the fact that our entire extended family, as little as it may be, is finally in one place at the same time is a rare and special event.  Unfortunately with ticket prices being exorbitant from here to the US, making the long flight back for a few short days absolutely impossible.  I know you guys will be reading this when you get all unpacked and settled in, so I am glad I can take a moment to say I love you all so much and you mean the world to me!  Enjoy your stay in NC and when I finally make my return to the States, the first thing I'm doing is heading south and west for a long visit.  And congrats, Jas!  Hard to believe you are already finished.  See you here in two months when we can really celebrate.  Los quiero a todos con todo mi corazón!

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