Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ah, Refreshed at Last

I would have never guessed I could wake up so clear and refreshed after merely one day of a semi recovery. Last night I still enjoyed a couple of canas and a few hours of terrace time with my dear friends before heading home on the late metro and staying up far too late once again. But when I returned home I made a command decision to get organized at last, regardless of the time on the clock. I once lived by to-do lists, but lately it has fallen by the way side as my responsibilities seem less pressing. Last night I pulled it together and went into a productive frenzy, planning the next several months before I head back home (temporarily). I woke up this morning before the alarm after having my first uninterrupted sleep in ages and pleasant dreams to match.

It remarkably all comes down to a lesson told by my dad many times, a lesson almost as old as time: everything in moderation. For a moment I was worried that in order to rebalance myself, I'd have to say goodbye to my social nights and glasses of wine on the terrace after work. But my problem has not been my lively routine; it was more an issue of not moderating myself. As I commence with morning Spanish classes in June, it's a relief to know that I can spend my final month of many of my friends being here enjoying their company and still not be wrecked the next day.

So the plans are set for the summer months at last and I feel a great weight is lifted, being replaced by a burst of excitement. This weekend I set off to the sunny beaches of Mallorca and when I return, my much needed intensive Spanish course begins. June will be more tame, staying here in Madrid to enjoy my people, and closing it with a bang in Amsterdam for my birthday. I'll need to get back to Spain fast, though, because a hoard of friends from home along with my brother, who I miss like crazy, will all be here, ready to see all the goodness I've already discovered in this country. When they leave at the end of the month, I'll either post up in a cottage on the sea or hit the trail on the Camino de Santiago. I get to look forward to seeing family and friends in September when I at last book my flight to get back home. It will be a return flight, though, because I am not ready to leave this place. Next year will surely be a different Madrid with many of my friends moving on, but I look forward to embracing a now familiar city and hopefully achieving the ultimate goal of cracking the code that is the Spanish language. Outlook is bright today and it's all thanks to simple moderation and at last being good to my mind, body, and soul.

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