Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ying and Yang Effect

I feel lighter than air.  Is it unnatural to have this many increasingly good days in a row?  For the past week goodness has just come flooding in out of nowhere and things are changing faster than I can process them.  I've been pining for answers about the future and that "feeling" that points me in the direction of what is next.  For several months- nothing, which had me questioning this move all together.  But now suddenly a last minute opportunity to enroll in a masters program for teaching here in Madrid for an additional year magically popped up just as I began feeling quite positive about being here.  The weather is perfect, my classes are going great, and my schedule is littered with epic trips special visitors.  It also doesn't hurt that you came along... you know who you are. 

As all this happens, I am resisting the tendency to be a little concerned in the dreaded ying/ yang effect.  You know that Chineese philosophie that says when lots of good things happen back to back, you are doomed for bad things to arise?  It reminds me of that classic episode of Sienfeild when George is terrified and in an awful way because of all the good happening in his life.  But I figure, I've endured plenty of bad fortune over the last several months and that should cover me on the yang.  Dramatic first roommates, a disappointing end to a built up relationship, a slew of illnesses, all of my accounts being hacked, the famous night of the tripple pick-pocket... They all had me on the brink of packing my bags in a jiffy and getting the hell out of here. Yes, I think it's time to enjoy all of this and finally, after 6 months (to the day) of being here, I think it is time to exhail.  I don't really believe that life is perfectly balanced with ying and yang, but if it is, keep the ying coming...

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