Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunny Days in Spain

It's quite remarkable what weather can do for the mood.  As the grassy parks are flooded with sunlight and the cafes poor into the streets, the city becomes absolutely alive.  Suddenly little nooks and crannies of the city are popping up as if the sun is revealed them from their secret winter hideaways.  The street performers hit the sidewalks filling the air with jovial music from the trombone and the accordion and the budding flowers give the entire city a sweet, fresh smell of spring.  With weather in the 70s, people are suddenly sporting their sundresses and sandals, thrilled to pack away those bulky sweaters and clunky boots. 

I've been soaking up the rays as much as possible to get every ounce of good feeling as I can from these pleasant days.  Since I got back from my crazy week at camp, things seem so relaxed and clear.  I don't attribute the weather to this solely, but it certainly doesn't hurt.  Ideas are beginning to come together and life is finally beginning to flow, giving me that balance I've been seeking.  New people are popping into my life unexpectedly and opportunities for the future seem to be revealing themselves in a new light.  Suddently the idea of staying here in Spain seems like a very practical and realistic vision.  Part of my departure from the states was a move of rebellion, pulling away from the comfort of home in order to push my limits and try new places.  But there must be a balance.  I am beginning to see the harm in being a perpetual nomad as well. Maybe it would behoove me to sit still here long enough to feel settled, long enough for it to at least somewhat resemble home.  With things suddenly going well and good opportunities at last on the horizon, why toss it all away on a whim that something better awaits in some far off, unknown land?  Sure I still want to see Asia and Australia and all the other continents I am yet to explore, but that will all happen in time.  More real challenges like having an income and health insurance and gaining valuable work expierence also have their place.

So as the sun shines on this city and it begins to take on a much more pleasant vibe, I welcome the possibility of investing more time in this great country.  Finally my Spanish is beginning to feel natural and life here is quite normal.  This is not a time to run from the stability, it is a time to embrace it and that is just what I'll do.

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