Monday, March 14, 2011

Do I Stay or Do I Go Now?

This decision to stay in Madrid or try a different city is killing me.  I thought my mind was made up and Sevilla was my next stop, but now, as I've made the moves to go, suddenly I am feeling very divided.

What reasons do I truely have to pick up and go again?  Maybe this city is not ideal, but I have realized that the friends I have made here in the past six months are actually quite special to me and now making another fresh start seems absurd.  On the other hand, I left behind my friends and family back home to have this adventure and really soak up the goodness of being on the road in amazing places.  If I stay, I am bound to be frustrated with the many elements of this city that bother me and still feel that ancy, unsettled feeling of being in the metropolitain life.  With that said, the weather is improving and there are so many things, travel wise, to look forward to in the upcoming months.  Why not keep my base here and embrace the trips?  Now suddenly, just when I thought my mind was made up, I feel compelled to stay and enjoy my growing social life, lovely flat, and familiarity with the big city.  So now I'm not going to Sevilla?  I'm so confused...

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