Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Signs Are Clear

It's time to say goodbye to Madrid.  I have been thrown so many signs over the last four days that it is almost commical.  Over drinks Wednesday night, I casually mentioned how the metros have never done me wrong here in Madrid.  The following day it costed me my job and tortured me as I spent five arguous hours on and off of train cars.  The day was a catastrophy from beginning to end and this city really chewed me up and spit me out.  I felt completely defeated, beat down by the harsh people and unforgiving nature of big city life.  I'm not cut out for it and I'm not interested in developing the thick outter shell to condition myself for this.  Besides, I'm not here to become a Madridian, I'm in Spain to immerse myself in a new culture, try out life abroad. 

If this past Thursday wasn't a big enough kick in the head, the weekend sealed the deal.  Two nights of high expectations for nights out turned into two let downs that costed me a hand full of my possesions and a lot of aggrivation.  If having my jacket stollen (with my comfortable shoes in them) as I tried to escape an onslaught of gropy men in the crowded bar wasn't enough, some nice person thought it would be a perfect way to add to my evening by stealling my camera and phone out of my purse as I stood jacketless in the cold.  Oddly enough I had a converstation about this very thing not happening to me earlier in the day.  Knocking on wood does not work...

These things happen and are unfortunate, costing me a lot of aggrivation and some money, but what it really told me was that this is not where I need to be.  I could be angry, or see it as a sign.  I choose the latter.  So I now know what I need to do.  April will be filled with Spain travel as I visit various friends in the north and hopefuly embark on a mind clearing adventure walking the Camino de Santiago.  Spending a full week simply walking through villiages seems absolutely perfect.  For one month I will have no home, only my backpack.  When I return to Madrid, I'll proptly leave again for a road trip through southern Spain, then enjoy the beaches in Portugal for the long Easter break. It feels good to have a plan and one that includes excitement and travel.  I don't need these crappy teaching jobs and the harsh city.  I need my backpack and the road.

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