Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Plans are Taking Shape

With the occurrences of the last several days, I have made my decision to leave Madrid and head for sunny Sevilla to live out the rest of my stay in Spain. Now that I have made this decision, filling in the gaps and sorting out a new plan is filling my thoughts.  This month is packed with activity, including ski camp this week up in Leon, Las Fallas festival with Monoloco next weekend, and my parents arriving here at the end of the month.  In that time I need to replace myself in my flat, find a new place to live in Sevilla, and decide on all kinds of logistics.  This may seem overwhelming at first, but I seem to be quite familiar with this lifestyle.  I am one with the road and switching apartments and cities has become frighteningly normal.  I'm excited about what lies ahead in Sevilla and finally getting the chance to see the country as the weather warms and I'm freed from a schedule.  Why not embrace it?

The next several months will be a whirl wind, I'm sure, of road trips, visitors, festivals, and the hot Spain sun, but then what?  After a candid conversation with my family this weekend, I was reminded of all the awaits me back home.  I have people that love me there and the potential to start building a pleasant life there too.  I need to truly evaluate what it is about living so far from all that that is pulling me in opposing directions.  As much as being back home for the fall sounds like a huge relief and more and more appealing everyday, there is still so much I want to see in the world and experience.  I have a dream to visit and live in the east for some time, teaching in Bali and traveling the South Pacific becoming more and more real.  But that means distancing my self from the comforts of home and my loved ones yet again.  Time is the crucial factor in it all as I face the tough choice of sacrificing the road or being with the people that love me.

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  1. Some fantastic photo's there. Reminds me that there is so much more of Spain to see than my dusty corner of Valencia.