Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Head is Spinning

There is so much change and possibility rushing into my life all at once.  Just as I decide to make this change, that Madrid doesn't satisfy me, the company my friend started and that I have taken a huge role in, is finally starting to take off.  Monoloco is our touring company that I was merely providing some business and marketing tips to, and now suddenly I have a crucial role in the business-- and it's really taking off!  So then all the reasons to stay in Madrid start rushing in and I find myself questioning everything yet again.  I love my friends here, I have steady work and a great apartment.  Why not stick it out and see if the big city life grows on me?  But just as I make that decision, my friend in Sevilla digs up the most perfect, beautiful flat that is much cheaper than the one I have here and in the most perfect part of the city, reminding me of how this lovely place is calling my name too!

Is it possible to have both?  Can I find a way to go back and forth, satisfying my hungry business drive and feeding off the adrenaline I get from Madrid life, while embracing the serenity and beauty that gives me a clear head and the ability to relax when in a smaller, laid back city like Sevilla?  It's too much to contemplate right now during this hectic month.  Next week at this time, I'll be ankle deep in "campamento loco" as I subject myself to another round of English mini camp for the sake of earning a chunk of money in a short time frame.  Between now and then I'll be cramming in all my classes, burying myself in lesson plans, while still trying to drive business for Monoloco.  After the festival trips, a full work schedule, and my parents coming at the end of the month to boot, when will I actually get the chance to make my decision to ditch all of this and head south?  Maybe I should just drop it all now before this month drives me completely mad...

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