Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's the Catch?

The feeling of making a huge, life changine decision, the biggest thus far, and it being the best experience imaginable, is incredible.  What's the catch? I love Spain. I love the people, my roommates from around the world, my spanish friends, the store clerks and taxi drivers and our doorman... I love the atmosphere and the free spirit and the night life and day life. I love the city of Madrid because it just feels right. I moved here on a total whim. I can say all of this after only two days of being here that going with my instincts served me well. My advice to any person who is seeking an answer or a path or trying to make a decision is advice that has been given for ages: follow your heart. Follow that hunch you feel deep inside of you, even if it doesn't completely conform to preconceived ideas because ultimately, that is where your happiness lies. I believe it because I am living proof.  Now I am following the natural course that is in my heart, that I can feel;  not because of what I have learned or pressure from the outside.  Life is so beautiful when you follow that gut feeling. That is what love is, what happiness is, what so many people refer to when they feel light and joyful. I know I am an emotional, sensitive person and that I take things in a different way than many. But this feeling is very pure and even those people who are a bit more pragmatic and less idealistic can capture a feeling simular. Everyone deserves it. Every person deserves laughter and peace and love and happiness. It is fascinating how simple it is once you find it but how hard it seems to capture.

I knew I needed to be here, in Europe, for a reason I could not explain to people at home asking. It is an indescribable sensation that has very little to do with concrete reasoning. There are some specific aspects of life here that make it incredible, like learning a new language and living the European way, but in total its something much more powerful that can only be felt. I say all of this for anyone to read, fully aware of how honest and candid it is. I hope people who are free from judgement and seek that same inner happiness read this and find/ have found their own version of this awesome sensation. It is quite new to me so I am still taken back by it, much like the feeling of living in this new, amazing city. I'm awe struck right now. I feel so different that I can barely remember how I felt three days ago before I arrived. This is real and this is great. Really, what's the catch? 

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