Thursday, October 28, 2010

Need for Excitement

The need for adventure is creeping up inside again... Looking for jobs to teach online, I stumbled upon a website devoted to travel and adventures on the road from a backpacker's perspective (ironically enough, it is a site created by a friend and colleague of someone I am very close to!)  I can't deny my overwhelming draw to an adventure, the more out there these days, the better.  I've only been here for two weeks and I'm already ready to explore a new, very different location!  It's definitely my last experience in Europe that is driving the urge.  After moving around to 20-something different cities for three months makes two weeks seem like ages to stay in one place!  Now, the idea of getting settled into a job anywhere seems so dull even if it is teaching in Spain!  Will I ever be able to sit still?  The next adventure is already brewing in my mind before I've even had time to properly unpack!

On the flip side, I am quite motivated to see what the current adventure has in store.  It is so easy to live a pretty predictable, safe life in a city like Madrid, but it is also possible to stir it up a bit.  Today, like many other days since I've arrived, I decided to take advantage of free time and perfect weather to wonder the streets and get lost.  I found myself in a small neighborhood tapas bar, sipping my vino tinto, and writing up a storm.  While I've been getting adjusted, I've had a more challenging time get the words out right, but today the pen just seemed to move itself as the atmosphere inspired my literary senses.  As I finished up, I headed to the bar to, not so eloquently, ask for my bill.  The other young people sitting near me, heard the awkward fumbling of my terrible Spanish and some how it struck a cord.  They all spoke English (at last!) and were eager to make introductions.  Two beers later I had new Madridian friends eager to show me the town, teach me Spanish, and trade conversation to improve their own English.  As easy as that to have an adventure and only blocks away from my flat?  I can get used to this.  I've learned a valuable lesson and that is take risks, lots of risks, for the sake of inviting in all kinds of great new people and experiences.  It would be so easy to live here and play it safe, hanging out with people in my logical circles and avoiding places where I won't be understood.  But I think I'll do just the opposite because, what the hell, I only live once, and I really only live once in Madrid!

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