Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making the Adjustment

After the exciting premier weekend in Madrid, I was rapidly brought down to earth by an unsettling Monday.  Nothing in particular went wrong, but a combination of late nights, jetlag, boozing, and the darkness of our apartment had me feeling completely thrown off.  Thankfully today I am back to having the skip in my step and feel like me again.

The process of adjusting to a new culture, language, lifestyle, and atmosphere can be quite exciting, but at times daunting, as well.  The hussel and bussel of the busy city had me craving fresh air and quiet time.  Combine that with our dungen of an apartment that gets not one ray of sun, it is easy to remain in a state of lethargia all day.  I attempted to get out and run errands dispite the daze I was in, but dealing with a new language takes patience and effort which I had absolutely no energy for.  Zapped, I gave in, came home, and slept the rest of my day away.  I must have needed the catch-up rest because that long nap didn't detract from my wake less sleep  I achieved last night.  Now I am energized and ready to face the city.  I am eager to try my hand at Spanish today, opening a bank account, getting a phone, and meeting a new Spanish friend.  Suddenly things are great again, a vast contrast to my day of dread yesterday that had my mind spinning about whether I chose the right place to start a new life. 

Even though there are several parts of this process that are quite unnatural and new, I already am seeing that this is home and feel pretty well adjusted.  My roommates are warm and open, so coming home is a delight.  We live in an excellent neighborhood near everything including a park and pretty much everything we need.  Not driving to run errands and instead using my legs is actually kind of fun. Maybe I'll be singing a different tune once the weather starts to turn, but by then I assume the full adjustment will be made.  While I already miss my family and friends, I am content and just need to keep my eyes forward and my mind open. 

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