Sunday, October 31, 2010

Learning From the Spanish

I've been in Spain for two weeks and if I ever had any doubt about my ability to adapt here and make friends, it is gone.  Every day I am more impressed with how warm and friendly everyone is, even if they don't speak English.  I'm committed to make Spanish friends while I'm here, beyond reasons of wanting to blend in here better and feel more comfortable.  The people have also taught me how to overcome certain frustrating tendencies that come from my culture and my previous situation.  They probably don't even realize how laid back they are.  There is something extremely refreshing about not needing to rush and taking your time.  My tendency is to be, admittedly, a bit up tight, in a rush, anxious.  But the environment here has taught me to just let go, relax, and stop worrying.  The world won't end if I am five minutes late or I get lost or I say the wrong thing.. whatever.  I find myself strolling now, as apposed to walking with a purpose and I don't seem to multitask quite as much anymore.  I am doing everything slower and it's made a world of difference for my stress levels.  I feel liberated from my anxious mind and at last it can be still.  Everyday I am more surprised by this place, this situation, the people, the lifestyle... It makes me that much more motivated to plug away at the language and make learning Spanish my top priority.  Ah, Spain... Thank you

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