Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm on my way

My departure could not have been more perfect as I was able to say my final goodbye to dad at the airport terminal.  Some how he too was booked for a morning flight out of Raleigh this morning so we got to share one more special moment before I head out.  Once we took off in the tiny jet, cutting through thick clouds into a clearing, high about the ground, I got an amazing feeling of euphoria and freedom as the reality of this endeavor hit me all at once.  Upon arrival in New York, as the flight attendant listed off connections, my ears perked up and when Madrid was announced an amazing surge of joy and excitement rushed over me. I feel as I did when I was hopping from train to train in Europe last spring.  Life was exciting yet simple and completely my own.  Any doubts I had about taking a risk and being so far from home has vanished.  It all feels so right that there is no room in my mind to question.  Sitting here in the airport lounge at JFK with an eight hour lay over, it is impossible to remain in that state of joy.  Of course I'm antsy and board and mindlessly sitting here watching day time television and playing sudoku, but once I board that plane and at last reach Spain, this lag time will seem like a distant memory.  Here we go!  Life is about to get real interesting...

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