Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Closing In on the End

As the end of this trip draws closer, it some how manages to get even better each passing day. The dwindling moments are filled with joy as I spend them in this student home in Brussels. I´ve seen fourteen countries, twenty five cities, several major monuments and events around Europe. Now it is time to step back and truely enjoy some of the relationships I have established here. Somehow I find myself with this new family, fitting in perfectly with the second floor of this international temporary home. I have a home for a week, a special someone putting me up as we share as many hours as we can before ultimately parting.

How will I ever manage leaving all of this and returning home? As I spoke on Skype with mom and dad last night, they prepared dinner in the familiar kitchen I will soon return to. I miss them so much and I miss home, but seeing the routine in action reminds me that this life I have been living the past 70 days, this life I live this week, will not last. All of these wonderful experiences and people will soon come to a close and I must brace myself for an emotional shock as I enter back into reality. My reality is changed now. It has to be. This is more than a vacation. I found peices of myself I never knew were there, new best friends from all around the world, a special connection that will only be real for this one week.

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