Monday, April 5, 2010

Munich solo

I didn't realize how freakishly long that last post was, so I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Yesterday was my first day back to being solo and I got some great writing done. My pen just seemed to flow with incredible ease and I felt incredibly inspired. I spent my afternoon after of a morning writing over coffee, at the first concentration camp, Dachau. It was sobering, but important to see. I could not help thinking of my family and my Jewish friends as I learned about the detailed history of this massively upsetting event. Dachau was only one of many establishments like it, which hit pretty hard. The images were almost too much to take at times. The documentary shown toward the end of the tour shocked the room as they silently showed video reels and images of the suffering prisioners.

After a somber day, it was time for a beer and I quickly made friends with several ex-pats in the hostel pub shooting pool. I decided to try my luck with the these pool sharks and to my surprise, I hung in there and earned my spot on the table. It didn't take much for a few of them to talk me into a mock pub crawl. They showed me some of the bars they regular and we ended up meeting up with other locals for a late night of more beer drinking. I missed the morning bike tour today, but luckily the weather kind of sucks, so it's no big loss. I am taking a moment to catch up on some must-dos and tomorrow I'll be sure to get an earlier start.

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