Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's 4 am and I have no where to go...

Well since I am so brilliant, I missed my night train to Budapest and am now sitting in the hostel lobby try desperately to stay awake until the morning train at 7 am. I had an awesome, memorable day, but I didn't properly plan for what I would do when I finally had to figure out accomidations and logistics. We had an incredible 5 hour bike tour today and our group bonded so much that we wouldn't leave each other. A father and son from Minnesota, three trouble makers from Toronto, an awesome couple I am planning to stay with from Vienna, our guide from Sydney, and two other great guys from Canada we picked up at a bar after the tour sucked me in with great conversation and their lively energy. What began as a georgeous day of strolling through the Munich streets by bike transformed into beers flowing generously at the english beer garden, setting the stage for many more to come. When back in the city, we found a hidden bar and really dug our heels into amazing chats. These conversations closely reflect a simular chance meeting last night with a rasta guy in the hostel bar with some amazing insights. I can't elaborate now because it is entirely too heavy for this moment, but I has certainly renewed my spirit and raised new fascinating questions.

Anyway, we had to make our way to the famous Haufbrau house before the night was finished for me. I was scheduled to catch the 11:30pm night train, arriving at 9 am tomorrow. The liter beer turned into 2 liter beers and I was easy to influence on continuing the fun. We left the beer house after closing it down, the group began to disapate, but myself and the guys from Toronto dove into a nearby, hopping night club with our biking gear on and all. My train was long gone so we continued on. The night began to get a little ridiculous and when it was time to figure out where to sleep, it was too late to book another night and really pretty pointless for only a few hours anyway.

So now I sit here, probably close to 5 at this point, sleep deprived, coming off the beer buzz, sort of wishing I would have gone with my better judgement on this one. Oh well, it was great fun and I'll learn from it. I wish I wasn't so sleepy because I would love to dive into the amazing connections I have made with the most unexpected sources. There are still several distracting influences everywhere I go, but those few moments of clarity have brought me to a new level of consciousness.

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