Sunday, April 18, 2010


This trip, particulary Austria, has given me a refreshing perspective on the extent of generousity. I am greatful for how selfless the people are here and they have shaped this portion of my trip ten fold.

When I first arrived to Vienna, I almost ran into my biggest challenge so far. If it were not for a chance meeting with a kind girl working late in the train's convenient store I would have been stranded in Vienna with no place to go. She saved me and took me in with no hesitation. I stayed with her and her roommate and was able to find my friends the next day.

I went from one warm welcoming to another as I joined back up with my Spainish friends from Brussels. They once again absorbed me into their group and I proceded to wonder the streets of Vienna with my new buddies. I was able to have a bed and a roof over my head, plus some great sandwiches over amazing conversation, making for an excellent start to the Austria part of my trip. That night was special for other reasons, too :)

When they departed, yet another kind new friend welcomed me into her home. A nice Austrian girl and her English boyfriend imediately welcomed me to stay with them once in Vienna when I met them in the hostel pub in Munich. I enthusiastically accepted and have been here in their great apartment for the last couple of days. They have fed me, lent me a bycical, taken me around, and given me a place to rest my head at night. I could not be more thankful. Not only have they provided me with basic comforts, we have also enjoyed amazing exchanges, and I again feel as if I have know them for ages. Thanks to them I can also post a few new photos for everyone's viewing enjoyment!

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