Saturday, April 24, 2010

Feeling Right at Home

It has been a nice few days here in a small town outside of Venice. The gracious family I have been staying with have selflessly taken me in with no hesitation. Soon I will be headed out to my next destination, alone and responsible for myself once again. The break has been a welcome change from the typical flow of this trip, but it is time to get back on the road with my backpack and continue the journey.

I can smell the aroma of home made lunch right now as I wait for my afternoon departure. Rosanna and Massimo, the parents of the household, take care of Saturday afternoon domestic tasks and the two children of the family, Ale and Ari will be home from school shortly. Being absorbed in this stable, quaint life has reminded me of what normal life looks like and that I will likely return to my own version of home soon enough. While it is incredibly comfortable and pleasent, I am not ready to step into that quite yet. I have many new challenges ahead of me and the idea of settling into a routine still seems quite dull and premature.

Every day I wake up aware that I have one less day to enjoy this special trip. I can't help but feel the pressure of what life will entail upon my arrival to the states. Will I go back to work and begin to collect an income again, living in another town with another apartment, going to different bars, mingling with a different circle? Maybe I will immediately plan my next adventure abroad or simply take up some type of part time work to kill time while I decide. I could go back to school, I could move away to take up temporary vocation like teaching english or guiding tour groups... So many choices, the same as before I left, but with a refreshed perspective. I am trying hard not to ponder on the looming choice too much for now, but I still have in the back of my head the awareness that a decision must ultimately be made.

For now I intend to enjoy the last peaceful moments with my new lovely Venitian family in this cozy small town. Tomorrow I will be hiking through Cinque Terre and then taking a very long ferry ride to Barcelona. And so, the trek continues...

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