Monday, April 19, 2010

Eyes Open Wide

Each day of this trip I become more connected, more self aware. Even on days with relatively low activity that I spend wandering around the city on my own prove to be extremely valuable. Today I had an unexpected extra day in Veinna and decided to spend it roaming the streets of the city center. While it deemed to be overall unsuccessful in finding my desired sites, I did manage to stumble upon a special little cafe off one of the side streets. It was old and smokey with only the basics, but an inspiring atmosphere, none the less. My pen got moving on my pad and spilled out a plume of enlightened ideas. I had a simular afternoon two days ago as I paused my long day of bike riding for a pensive writing break in a lively garden area.

It's hard to explain the deep feeling of contentment I have over here in Europe, but I feel as if I was born for this environment. At last I feel complete contentment and peace of mind. I could only acheive this at home in my past life during planned moments of coordinated relaxation. Here is a free flow of simply living and it is down right delightful. So how can I continue this way of life after the journey has ended? Should I just accept this as simply a holiday from the stress of conventional life and gracefully return to the hustle and bustle when I get back to the states? The idea makes me cringe. There must be another option and I feel as though I am getting closer to discovering a next step that will alow me to live on in this world I can only attempt to describe.

With all of this amazing introspection already, I find it hard to beleive that I am merely halfway through this European experience. Eleven countries have already been partially experienced, but the three most anticipated still await me. Spain, Italy, and Greece have a reputation for their culture, beauty, and spice for life. I can only image what lies ahead.


  1. Maybe it is a holiday, but it doesn't have to be. Some of us are making it the norm, one day at a time. Lots to be said about the invisible prison on this side of the pond.

  2. soooo I'll be in Barcelona April 26th through May 5th! You will be too riiiiight?