Monday, April 26, 2010

Cinque Terre is Perfection

I'm feel uplifted from this beautiful place. Upon arrival, I was apprehensive about the nature of this romantic stretch of towns, but it was exactly what I needed to refresh

I hit the trail yesterday and motered through four out of the five cities and back. My legs burned from the vigorous long walk, but I was addicted to the trail and refused to stop as the sun set and catch a train back. The biggest set back was the insane number of visitors clogging up the hike. They walked slowly and jabbered on, detracting from the picturesque view. I put on my I pod to drown them out and sunk into my own pleasent world. I tried to ignore the crammed streets of each tiny villiage with success. The return hike was mostly clear of people and allowed me to really cut loose on the steep climbes.

Upon arrival back to the hostel, I planned to shower, find a nice open air restaurant, and sip wine with my thoughts. The dorm changed this plan as I was greeted by several other American 20-somethings that were eager to find Riomaggiore's only bar. We sipped Italian beers at the empty town bar to pass the evening away. In the morning I set out with one couple to a rocky beach and proceeded to spend hours basking in the sun. I escaped the beach scene for a moment to myself and found a secluded rock look out where I found noone but two men, both older, one fishing and the other sunbathing. The sunbathing man turned out to be an Italian with excellent English and endulged in great conversation with me about nature, life, and the beauty of it all. We chatted over delicious blood oranges that he offered me and I felt the coversation was absolutely perfect for this beautiful day, looking out into the sea from the warm rocks where we lounged.

The day passed quickly and now it is time for me to make my way to the train and catch a ferry for 20 hours to Barcelona. I haven't braced myself for what lies ahead, but I figure I'll take it as it comes. The last 48 hours have been so perfect that I hardly seem phased by a thing. Stress has no place today in my pleasent little world. :)


  1. bummer about all the tourists...I guess its REALLY busy that time of year. When Jess and I did it we didnt see anybody on the trail...we were the only ones...I guess you gotta go back there in the fall when its empty except for the italians and locals. Glad that you still found peace anyways!