Friday, April 23, 2010

Ah, Venice....

Yesterday as I strolled through the magnificant city of Venice, I felt intermingled with the atmosphere. This man made island has been the focal point of many paintings, movies, and idealized images. Taking one long walk through the narrow calles of the town makes it blatently clear of why that is. The melody of an accordion serenading a couple as they float down the adjecent canals in traditional lavish gondalas, the aroma fresh dough wafting through the air from a tiny pizzaria, and the old structures spinkled with bright flowers and ivy lit up dimmly with an occational street lamp, inadvertently absorb you into a state of mind unique to only Venice. Each corner of the winding allies reveals a new surprise. Some are tiny squares with the single cafe on the old cobble stone ground. Others are made famous by an extraordiany church or tower and filled with people enjoying competing orchestra bands at classic high end resturaunts. When I arrived at the anticipated destination, my new Venitian friend and guide, Alessandro, accompanying me, my breath was momentarily taken as I took in the view that stood before me. After climbing several stairs and walking for what seemed like hours, we finally arrived at Venice's most famous bridge, the Ponte di Rialto. As the sunset over the wide canal and the street lights lining the water dimly lit the old structures and single sidewalk, I felt as though I was peering at no more than a movie set. We stood for a moment and no longer was I on the outside, taking photos of the imaginary scene; I was part of this romantice bridge, completely absorbed in what can only be described as the perfect Venice moment. I watched the young lovers all around me trascending to this lovely state and I felt no void of that illusive other, just contentment within myself for this snapshot in time. They merely added to how special this place truely is.

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