Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow, wow

What a day... I have been at it since 5:00 AM, flying out of Ireland, to Brussels, and now at last in Amsterdam and somewhat rested. The last several days have been an extreme whirl wind. Here's the run down:

Tuesday night was St. Patty's Day Eve and actually a bigger celebration than the day it self as far as the late night scene is concerned. Krish and I found a bar packed with Irish people and we quickly blended with a large group in one section of the bar. The night grew more chaotic as the drinks flowed and more people joined the madness. A few people I met in London from LA made it to Dublin and joined us as well. By 3 AM I was done for and managed to convince Krish to call it a night. We enjoyed the traditional, healthy Irish fair of Burger King fried goodness on the way home and at last I got a much needed long night of sleep. I woke up around noon and was privilaged enough to grab a beer from downstairs at the hotel and watch the parade march down the street 5 floors below my room as thousands of people lined the streets. After much deliberation, I decided to spend my afternoon observing the Galic games, saving the excessive alcohol consumption for later on. Randomly, another lone veiwer was walking into the game infront of me and was a fellow young American. Sean, from PA, also had a seat in the same section, so we enjoyed the game together and he stuck with us the remainder of the night. After a shower, food, and finding Krish, we did some minor pub hopping and landed on the most bizzare, yet entertaining club I've ever been to called Spy. The crowd was young and Emo-ish, dancing as if their limbs were disjointed from their bodies. We had a great time joining in and drinking cheap mojitos. The night ended with the suberbs and some great late night homemade Irish food...

Thursday was a day just for me that I needed to recharge and refresh. After sleeping in, I made my way out to a small, scenic fishing town called Howth. At first the chilly wind and mist created painfully uncomfortable conditions for the cliff hike I was there to embark on, but I put up my hood and beared it. Great decision. As I hiked further along the steep ridges, the veiws of the sea and the island grew increasingly picturesque. I was instantly in love with this island. I hiked a loop for about 8 km, taking pictures and zoning out to the incredible setting. The hazy sky cleared gradually and eventually I found myself strolling through the final portion of my hike in the sunshine, watching it sparkly on the distant water. So perfect. When I finally got back to the city around 6, Krish and I headed out for our final night together and enjoyed a quiet, yet perfect evening of sushi and great converstation.

I didn't sleep a wink because I knew what was instore for today. Everything was packed, my plans were secure, but my mind reeled. I literally fell asleep one hour before needed to wake up to catch my crack of dawn shuttle to the airport. On the flight I met 4 fun guys from Brussels on their way home. They offered to drive me the long hour trip into the city in stead of taking the expensive, crowded bus. The drive was extremely entertaining and I got to practice my french. They dropped me at the train station where I some how figured out how to lock up my bag, and take the underground into the city. I was exausted and generally unimpressed with the city. I did have a good sandwich and an incredible, famous waffel, so I guess it was all worth it. After being lost and alittle out of sorts, I found my way back to the train station and caught the train here to Amsterdam. I got a few moments of shut eye and now plan to throw myself into the scene here. My hostel is very interesting and I'm intriuged with where the night will lead. I'll be sure to keep the blog up to date with new stories as the materialize. For now, I'll spend some time in the hostel bar watching March Madness! I know, in Amsterdam! I should have made a bracket... :) (PS- spell check doesn't work here, so my bad spelling is exposed...)


  1. HI i liked ur profile and blog especially photos

  2. Ha! Your stories are traveling at the speed of thought, to the far reaches of Krishnarajapete, Karnataka, India. You might have found your calling after all, the target audience was just off by 10,000 miles :)

    Have a blast in Amsterdam, avoid 3D movies, don't take pictures in the red light district, and if they still have em, try the 'Hawaiians.'