Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Thin Line

There is a thin line between being bold and being wreckless. Between being open and being naive. Between being cautious and being paranoid. I am testing the balance here in Paris. Last night after loosing my connection to my new American study abroad friends, I ventured off to have a good ole time with some true Parisians. One Frenchman, Vincent, and I carried on learning eachothers' language. I beleive I am truely picking it up! Before I knew it, I was in the center of a large group of drunk French partiers in, coincidentally, a bar with an American/ Canadian theme. They were a lot of fun, but I could tell they couldn't help but tease me a little. I think that if you are in Paris and an American, you just have to accept that there is some hesitation to take us seriously. I completely understand that, especially as I peared around the bar to witness several drunk American students being obnoxious and ridiculous.

As the night wore on, I realized that I needed to find my friend to get myself home. He was nowhere in sight, so I mustered up the courage to face the late Paris streets alone and forge my way home. I was tipped off that there was a metro station a few blocks away, so I picked up the pace and bee lined it for the station. Some how I found it, and found my connection back to north Paris. There were several drunk travelers joining me on the train, eager to make conversation with me. I had the pleasure of meeting one girl as I turned the corner in the station to find her urinating in the stairwell. Always a great way to meet a new aquaintance.

The train ride was a long ordeal and when I at last arrived back at the hostel after a chilly walk home, I realized how I was really pushing it. Running across these situations is bound to happen and late night stragglers see a naive American young girl as a perfect target. As much as I would like to say we are all on equal playing feilds, I know that isn't true. I will be more careful as I party in new places with new people. I will do my best to trust, but also be aware of potential dangers.

So today it is rainy and I have some errands to acheive. I also am unfortunately getting a bit sick. My throat is aching and my back is stiff. I will make my way to the drug store and hope they can help me. Tonight Lisa arrives and the trip will change dramatically upon her arrival, I'm sure.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are okay..Say hi to Lisa for us and hope that you have fun when she arrives..feel better and take it easy..You still have a lot more of your trip left..Love ya and miss :-)

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