Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Breakers= Not Great Soul Searching

Today is Monday and for me that always marks a clean slate for the week no matter where I am. This weekend was a bit of a haze as I simply went with the flow of my surroundings. While I had not a care in the world, I also did not get much out of my experience thus far. I haven't seen much of the city outside of the Red Light District where my hostel resides. Come to think of it, I haven't really been off this block with the exception of Saturday's walking tour. One reason for this is absolutely the fact that I am flying solo in a town and time of the year where people are here to go crazy and mindless. Springbreakers packed the hostels all over this weekend and instead of meeting interesting backpackers, I was surrounded by large groups of youngsters here to go absolutely ape shit. I figured, I can't avoid them, so might as well join them. By the end of it all, I felt entirely drained and a bit frustrated. Finally, I get to do some sight seeing today, seeing more than the inside of coffee shops, pubs, and clubs. A friend I made randomly in London has coincidentally had a very simular itinarary as me, so we are going to do our museum hopping together. Himesh was in London to visit friends and then Ireland for a friend's bachelor party when I was there and is now here in Amsterdam. We posted up at a cafe last night and for the first time on this entire trip I finally got to explain my purpose here. At home I was able to dive into this with dad and a few select friends (you know who u r :)), but here it's been all surface level introductions and sharing not much more than a good time and funny stories. That is all well and good, but I am here for more than holiday. I am here to have an experience and learn more about myself and the world. Being in Dublin for Patty's day and now Amsterdam for Springbreak is totally throwing me off. Hopefully in my next destination I won't feel so overwhelmed by partiers.

I also must say, I am feeling very home sick partially because I haven't established any real bonds yet here and because everyone here is a stranger. I am anonymous. It makes me feel so much love for my family and friends back home and I am so glad I get to return to you guys. It helps that you all are reading about my journey and behind me all the way.


  1. Hi:

    We miss ya and love ya..We're glad that you've been updating your blog so we can get to know how your enjoying your adventure..Looking forward to seeing your updated blogs..

  2. Part of finding out what you are is finding out what you're not :)

  3. I completely agree, just keep rolling through the experiences and you'll be learning things without even realizing it.

    Everyone misses you too and a most of us would give our left arm to be doing the same thing you are right now! Keep having fun for those of us stuck stateside!