Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm here!

Finally I'm in London!! Benny is letting me crash at his flat for today and tonight, so I'm safe and sound and comfortable. While he nurses his hangover, I can make my first abroad update.

So far things are running smoothly but it has been a long 12 hours since leaving RDU. I ended up sitting across the isle from a really neat fellow traveler on his way to Europe for spring break. He too will be staying in hostels and unfortunately we will be missing each other at the Flying Pig in Amsterdam by a day. We chatted for a while until our Tylenol PMs kicked in. I got a good four hours of sleep in and now I'm trying hard to stay up. Once in London, I had to wait in so many long lines and it took me about 3 hours to get off the plane, through boarder patrol, claim my bag, get cash, hop on the train, and walk to my destination. Now I have to start thinking about navigating my way to Gatwick tomorrow morning and finding my flight to Ireland. Hopefully since I am starting with English speaking countries, I won't run into too many snags. I will say one thing, the actual travel part of the trip is a lot more exhausting than I imagined. My bags felt much more like their true weight after lugging them around all morning. Oh well, all part of the adventure.


  1. It was great to talk to you this morning..We are glad that you are safe and sound and ready for your next step to your adventure..Enjoy Ireland and St. Patricks day..Can't wait to hear all about that part of your trip..Stay safe and we love and dad :-)

  2. hey girl!!! I am so excited for you and cant wait to read with your upates!!!! stay safe and have fun!!!!!

  3. Nice to hear that things are starting off smooth. You are going to have a freakin blast. Did I mention how jealous my 25% Irish is that you'll be in the old country for St Paddy's!?