Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I feel so much better after getting all my stuff packed up in my practice packing job. I know it's probably over kill, but I just don't want to stress about my pack being to heavy or forgetting any important items. Good news, it was only 24 LBs and I have about 15L left to work with!! Maybe that means I can get away with adding at least one cute pair of shoes or something... :) I guess I can wait to get some awesome Euro shoes when I get over there. The weather is going to be interesting since it will be between seasons. That could make for very pleasant sight seeing and hiking during the day. I created a long list of every last thing to remember to bring. I feel very prepared with still over a week to go, so that's a big load off. I think my over preparation is helping me not be so nervous about the unknown. I would like to enjoy the pure experience and not get distracted by little details that could have been easily avoided. Tomorrow I'll take care of all the not so fun stuff like calling the insurance company, going to the bank, post office, etc. Once those things get taken care of once and for all I'll feel a lot better and my to do list will be much more manageable.

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  1. We're excited that we will be able to follow you on this exciting adventure. We know how exciting this is going to be for you and all the wonderful stories and pictures you'll be able to share..We will definately miss you a bunch, but with this we will be able to share moments together..Be safe and stay sharp and we'll see you in Italy..:-)