Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye, little Cody Bear

Yesterday I had to say farewell for now to my little sweety, Cody. The sneaky little fur ball is more than just a michevious kitten that found his way onto my porch back in Atlanta. He is now my a member of my family. While I know he is in excellent hands and I had no choice but to temporarily part with him, I couldn't help for the tears to well up in my eyes as I gave him one more hug and headed out the door. Since I parted with him, I have been unsuspectingly feeling brief twinges of sadness when I notice the paw prints he left behind on my desk or momentarily mistake a sound for being the bell on his collar. I realize he's just a cat and I'll only be gone for 3 months, but I can't help but miss the cute little noises he makes when he spots a bird out the window ruffle the leaves or how he cuddles up as close as he possibly can when he's sleepy. Aw Cody, I did not plan on getting so attached to you!

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