Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye Amsterdam, Hello Paris

After 10 long hours on and off trains with my big heavy backpack, I am finally safe and sound at the next hostel in Paris. My first impression of it is very corporate, clean, organized. As nice as that is, I hope it is warm and friendly. In hind sight, I made some really great friends in the last hostel and it's bareboned, somewhat seedy atmosphere may have contributed to that. I can't believe how much I miss it already! Yesterday was so great and me and one of the aussies ended up on the roof of our hostel, overlooking the redlight and central station. So amazing after a bed time Amsterdam goodie.

So now I am waiting for Jason's friend Met's Guy (Evan) to meet me for my first meal out in Paris. In two days Lisa will be here, so this seems much easier than my Amsterdam experience starting off. I also know the trains and neighborhoods pretty well since I've been here. Once Lisa leaves and I'm alone again, the real challenge will continue.

This trip has so far been such an amazing ride and it is so great that you all are enjoying the posts. I will continue to keep everyone interested up to date on what's happening here. Thank you for the comments and interest and I miss you all so much!!!

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