Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dublin, Ireland

Well this trip has certainly started off with a bang. Saturday was day one and due to an important rugby match against Whales, the streets of Temple Bar were lit up. We found a great pizza place to start slow and get a little sustenance, then made our way to a lively, 3 story pub where we spent the remainder of our exciting evening. The place was packed with red jerseys of the defeated Welsh, but the lost was nothing several pints couldn't cure. The traditional Irish music filled the crowded space with carefree enjoyment and it took no time for the front man to find the two American girls in the crowd. As a tribute, they played "West Virgina", of all songs. I met several lively folks, all gents from all different areas. A table of French guys took over my camera and a tall Welsh man got my attention until he began to chug beer out of his buddy's boot. That was a bit of a deal breaker... As the night carried on, the Irish dancing was in full swing as we stomped our feet and swung each other around. It all was going perfectly until a slap heard around the pub put a damper on the evening. My travel companion was a victim of one drunk jerks antics and was smacked unsuspectingly across the cheek. Everyone rallied against him, but the damage was done. None the less, it was still a fabulous evening and she shook it off like a champ.

Sunday we hit the Guinness factory, has a great Irish brunch at a place called Queen of Tarts, enjoyed a cup of tea on Gaftin Street, and then decided to have a quiet night in and ordered "Inglorious Bastards". The next morning while Krish was at work, I had a full day of sight seeing around the city, checking out the famous jail tour, walking through Trinity College, strolling in the park, and having lunch at Dublin's oldest cafe, Brewley's. Then in the evening we found a great pub for dinner that was 5 stories of live music at the center of the many balcony's. After dinner a band took the stage that played many familiar American tunes that got us on our feet. We did some minor bar hopping in the area, but every place was littered with tourists, so we made it a night around 12:30. Today I checked out St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Writer's Museum and met some amazing locals at a pub that we plan to find again tomorrow. Tonight we are headed to a restaurant with individual taps at each table then meeting up with a group of travelers from LA that I met in London. Should be a good night, but should try to contain ourselves seeing that tomorrow is the most famous day of the year here.

So far this experience has been enjoyable and a breeze. I would like to see the country side and escape city life on Thursday. I also am a bit exhausted of the many tourists everywhere. I know I am guilty of being one of them, but who goes to another far off place to spend time with the familiar, everyday people? I can't wait to spend some time with the residents of Europe's friendliest city.

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  1. Ireland's sounds cool as hell. Did I mention how jealous I am? This weekend is Brad's birthday so you will be missing the festivities. I will be in cowboy boots at the T bar. ;)