Sunday, March 21, 2010


This place is nuts. I want to divulge all the great details but I have very limited time at this hostel to be online. Here's the run down so far:

Arriving in Amsterdam on a Friday night, not knowing a soul, and going out on the town in the pouring rain with people that don't speak very good English is pretty overwhelming. I met two Hungarian girls and a French guy and we proceeded to find a club in a lively part of town. It turned out being relatively anticlimactic because of our lack of consensus on a place to go and I came back to my hostel tucked away in the seedy red light district. I went to bed feeling like I genuinely can't hack it here alone. I was wrong.

Yesterday morning I met 2 aussies during a walking tour and we ended up parking in a coffee shop for hours after, me simply laughing at their halarious antics. Eventually we pulled together some bit of motivation, got dressed, and hit the strip for the night. What an amazing night, but won't divulge too many details...

Today I'm not feeling that great, but I need to wash clothes desperately, so I'm going to bite the bullet, get the job done, and then see where the day leads. Hopefully I'll find my mates at some point. Right now I have a rasta guy from an island off of France tapping me on my shoulder, trying to get me to once again put off the laundry and enjoy the day, if you know what I mean. .. This place is crazy. Truely crazy crazy crazy. It would be such a different experience with all my friends since the town is littered this weekend with tourist celebrating and going nuts, but my unique experience is irreplacable.

I miss everyone at home so much and just hope I can keep from being too gripped by the twinges of home sickness. I'll keep posting all I can and look forward to see what the next moments will hold!! Jeeze...

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